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  • Cartiva - The Cartiva implant is inserted in the great toe joint in a way that creates joint space, alleviating the bone on bone grinding and allows for easy pain free gliding of the joint.

  • Do You Have Nail Problems? - At the Foot & Ankle Center of Frisco our Doctors provide a comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment to restore your nail to their natural condition. In order to effectively treat toenail disorders an accurate diagnosis must be made.

  • Acute/Chronic Ankle Sprain - The Foot & Ankle Center of Frisco uses a revolutionary new system that uses absorbable anchors and non-absorbable suture tape to recreate the lateral ankle ligaments.

  • Lapiplasty - The Lapiplasty by Treace is a three dimensional bunion correction procedure. This technique allows us to correct moderate to severe bunions in 3 planes creating a very strong and lasting correction.

  • Amniox Clarix - Regenerative medicine is the idea of giving the body the materials it needs to rebuild damaged tissue.

  • Athletic Training - Injuries resulting from over training are usually treated by providing pain relief, icing, stretching, good supportive shoes, orthotics, and activity modification.

  • Diabetic Foot Care Checklist - Use this checklist help you remember daily foot care.